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Pour tous les fans du couple Buffy/Spike (mais aussi Cordy/Angel), ainsi que tous les fans de BTVS et ATS, ce forum est fait pour vous.
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 15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV

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Miss Kitty
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15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV Empty
MessageSujet: 15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV   15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV Icon_minitimeVen 22 Fév - 13:21

Top 15 des plus grandes déclarations d'amour, que ce soit film ou série, on retrouve Buffy/Spike dans Touched :

Citation :
9. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (“Touched”)
Scene: “You’re the one, Buffy.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was full of complex relationships and perhaps none moreso than between the titular blonde Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Big-Bad-turned-antihero-vampire Spike (James Marsters). Over the course of six seasons, Spike went from trying to kill Buffy to becoming her reluctant ally to engaging in a twisted, sexually charged affair with her to attempting to rape her to regaining his soul (and the insanity that comes with it) to prove he would do anything for her. As Buffy’s final season built towards the Scooby Gang’s final confrontation with a malevolent, non-corporal evil called The First, few foresaw a good outcome for this seemingly hopeless situation. No more so than Buffy. And while Joss Whedon took great care to mold Buffy into a butt-kicking feminist icon, he was careful not to strip away that paralyzing vulnerability and fear that made her so relatable. So when Buffy suffers a moment of extreme doubt and fear, Spike comforts her by articulating why it is he fell in love with her in the first place. It’s a beautiful and moving speech and the fact that it’s coming from a man who was once a heartless monster makes it all the more emotional.

15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV Spuffy19
Source icon : inacatastrophicmind
(Credit unknown for the bann)

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15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV
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