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Pour tous les fans du couple Buffy/Spike (mais aussi Cordy/Angel), ainsi que tous les fans de BTVS et ATS, ce forum est fait pour vous.
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 Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy]

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Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy] Empty
MessageSujet: Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy]   Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy] Icon_minitimeVen 17 Mar - 23:10

Citation :
1 - Willow & Tara

Nobody else compares. Simply put, Willow and Tara shared the most stable, functional and mutually loving relationship in the entire Buffyverse,.

Turn-of-the-century television being what it was, much of their early romance is left to off-screen implication – it wasn't until season five, a whole year into their relationship, that Willow and Tara shared their first on-screen kiss. And frustrating though that is, the limitation actually made their developing romance so much more atmospheric and textured than it would have been if they'd been free to make out: instead of the obvious, we get candles being blown out and orgasmic magic spells.

Because Willow/Tara became such a stabilising force in the show, their crumbling in season six felt like a betrayal to some fans – Willow manipulating Tara's memory with magic is so much more genuinely unsettling than any of the show's actual horror scenes. Naturally, their relationship ended in trauma and tragedy (because... Joss Whedon) but none of that diminishes their power or their cultural importance for LGBT characters on television.

So did we get the order right? Pile on, we can take it.

2 - Buffy & Spike

If the first three seasons of Buffy were all about her and Angel, the last three were equally focused on her and Spike, and the latter relationship ends up more fully developed. Spike isn't inherently any better for Buffy than Angel – although unlike Angelus he was capable of love without his soul – but their relationship is the one that adapts and matures over time.

Buffy and Spike are just about everything to each other at some point: mortal enemies, wary allies, abusive lovers, and eventually close friends. The contrast between their passionate, dysfunctional affair in season six, and their platonic, cautious friendship in season seven is striking, and in the end it's clear that Spike understands the older, darker Buffy in a way none of her friends entirely can.

And there's just no denying the ridiculous chemistry between Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters, which was evident as early on as season two and made them endlessly compelling to watch.

3 - Buffy & Angel

For the first three seasons of Buffy, it was pretty hard to imagine any relationship eclipsing her epic romance with Angel. Their love was so exceptional that having sex with Buffy represented a moment of perfect happiness for Angel – and we all remember how that turned out. There's no denying the aching heartbreak of "Close your eyes", or the swoonworthy romance of Angel showing up for one last dance at Buffy's prom.

But what also becomes clear is that the relationship works only in a time capsule, like everybody's first teenage romance they think will last forever. Buffy is a high schooler, and Angel has the emotional maturity of a high schooler, and both grow up significantly after their breakup at the end of season three, with Buffy going off to college and Angel leaving to star in his own show.

It's painfully obvious every time they reunite that, while they'll never get over each other, they no longer make any sense as a couple. Buffy doesn't fit into Angel's more morally grey adult life in Los Angeles, and Angel doesn't fit into Buffy's more morally grey adult life in Sunnydale. In the end, their love was more a fantasy more than a reality, but it's still right up there.

Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy] Spuffy19
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Top 17 des couples de BTVS [Digital Spy]
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