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 7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com]

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Miss Kitty
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~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Empty
MessageSujet: 7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com]   7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Icon_minitimeLun 7 Mar - 17:49

Un article a recensé 7 storylines du Whedonverse (plus exactement de BTVS, ATS & Firefly) qui n'ont jamais vu le jour mais qui avaient pourtant été envisagées.


Vous en trouverez une traduction sur le site de SlayerRevival : http://slayerevival.com/2016/03/07/les-storylines-abandonnees-de-buffy-et-angel/

Citation :
7 of Joss Whedon's greatest scrapped storylines from Buffy, Angel and Firefly

Gay Xander, the return of Oz, and a really traumatic fate for Firefly's Inara.

It's always fun to reflect on the road not taken. Joss Whedon and his writers often did so themselves on Buffy, taking questions like "What if Buffy never came to Sunnydale?" and "What if Buffy's actually insane and all this is a delusion?" as jumping off points for some of the show's best episodes.

But over the years of Buffy, Angel and Firefly, there were more than a few planned storylines that never saw the light of day at all, and most of them sound pretty fascinating.

1. Xander coming out as gay (Buffy)

Back in the very early days of the series, long before Willow met Tara and was still pining for Xander, Whedon was apparently undecided on which of Buffy's BFFs would turn out to be gay. There are several hints about Xander's sexuality throughout the first few seasons (most obviously his interactions with closeted jock Larry), but by season three it had clearly been decided that the storyline made more sense for Willow.

3. Fred and Illyria splitting into two (Angel)

Unlike Buffy, Angel was axed before its time, and Whedon's plan for Amy Acker is just one of many reasons its cancellation stings. Had the show carried on as planned beyond its fifth year, Acker would have had the chance to play both Fred and her demonic replacement Illyria.

Even though Fred's soul was supposedly consumed and destroyed when she died, season five's late episodes showed Illyria choosing to take on Fred's persona in front of her parents and Wesley, and being gradually changed as a result. Since Wesley probably wouldn't have died either had a season six been commissioned, this is altogether a great reason to stay bitter about Angel's early demise.

4. Oz's return (Angel)

From the moment Seth Green's fan favourite Oz departed in season four of Buffy, fans were clamouring for his return, and although it never happened beyond that season, we were close. Rumour has it that Oz was wanted for an guest-starring arc on Angel, much like Willow's in season four – Nina the werewolf feels like a fairly redundant addition to season five, until you consider that her introduction might have been leading up to this. Sigh.

5. Buffy and Xander's romance (Buffy)

Although it would no doubt have pleased a few long-suffering shippers, we're not sure this storyline was ever seriously considered in the writers room. Nicholas Brendon has revealed that he and Sarah Michelle Gellar pitched a romance between Buffy and Xander for season seven, but the idea was rejected and Xander's feelings for Buffy remained unrequited. He did end up with Dawn in the season eight comic, so don't feel too bad for him.

Angel's bleak episode two (Angel)

Though pitched as a slightly darker show than Buffy, with its bleak, seedy Los Angeles setting and morally unstable lead character, the original second episode took that to extremes.

The Angel pilot was going to be followed by an episode called 'Corrupt', which – according to writer David Fury – "was pretty much about junkie prostitutes. Not usually what you see on the WB. And Kate, the police woman character on the show... originally was an undercover cop who was addicted to cocaine and was sleeping with men for money, because she got a little bit too far into her undercover work."

Yeah. So on balance, you can see where the network was coming from when it asked for a rethink, although the writers themselves had already realised the episode might be a little too dark. The second episode that was ultimately produced and aired, 'Lonely Hearts', incorporates some elements of Fury's script but shifts the focus onto loneliness in LA, rather than drug addiction.

7. Tara's return (Buffy)

As part of season seven's 'Conversations with Dead People' (clue's in the title), Willow's murdered girlfriend Tara was meant to be one of the many forms taken by the all-powerful First Evil, trying to convince Willow to commit suicide. This would have been infinitely more powerful than the final version, in which one-time guest star Cassie appeared to Willow, but Amber Benson decided against returning.

"There were a lot of other reasons , but one was that I didn't want [Tara] to go bad," she said. "As an actor, of course, it appeals to me to play kind of evil and bitchy and sexy, but, as a human being who gets letters that say, 'I didn't kill myself because of what you and Alyson did' that part of me goes, 'You're not just an actor any more: you're making a social commentary now, baby. You've got to be responsible.'"

Whedon also wanted to bring Tara back in a more permanent way, in an episode where Buffy was granted a single life-altering wish, and used it to reverse Tara's death. Though it's unclear why this never happened, it would have been a weird choice for Buffy to make after her own traumatic return from the dead.

Il manque la seconde place du top, mais c'est parce qu'elle concerne Inara & Firefly, donc je vous laisse aller lire ça sur le site :-)

7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Spuffy19
Source icon : inacatastrophicmind
(Credit unknown for the bann)

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Seeing you
Seeing you

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7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Empty
MessageSujet: Re: 7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com]   7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Icon_minitimeLun 7 Mar - 18:37

encore une fois un gros dommage de voir la fin inachevée d'Angel et le pourquoi la saison est si riche vers la fin et donc si bonne mais nous laisse sur notre faim
Amy Acker en double dose ça aurait été génial! Et peut-être en plus une autre fin pour le couple Wesley/Fred

Les autres infos je les avais déjà lues : merci de ne pas nous avoir fait le Buffy/Xander parce que les quelques vignettes en saison 8 étaient déjà weird!
Willow/Xander ça faisait déjà un peu bizarre dans le genre presque frère/sœur mais au moins c'était l'épique du lycée et des hormones en folie, en saison 7 non mais... Eww

7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com] Captur13
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7 stoylines du Whedonverse qui ont été abandonnées [digitalspy.com]
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