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 10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone

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Miss Kitty
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Miss Kitty

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10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone Empty
MessageSujet: 10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone   10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone Icon_minitimeMer 18 Mar - 18:16

J'aime bien comme 75 % de la liste, c'est du Spuffy lol!


Citation :
10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has long been known as one of television’s greatest bildungsromans, and has had entire college courses dedicated to it. But that doesn’t mean it skimped on the sex appeal. While some relationships on the show were handled with delicacy (Willow/Tara being the best example), some became outright sexual for the sake of simple titillation, and Buffy used that steaminess to draw in viewers week after week.

The series frequently tackled taboos (teacher/student pairings, teen sex, age gap relationships – you can’t get much more of a gap then several hundred years, after all), and definitely went out of its way to spice things up. It even tackled a little bit of BDSM long before 50 Shades Of Grey brought it out of the shadows and directly into public consciousness.

Was it appropriate for a “teen” show? Well, by today’s standards, it’s probably pretty tame, yet just fifteen years ago, Buffy was sneaking a dirty deed or two past network censors, and doing a fantastic job of it – not to mention shocking fans in the process.

With all that in mind let’s now take a look at ten times Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s sexuality shocked its fans. That won’t include Willow and Tara – though they were one of the first lesbian couples on TV, and one of the first to kiss on-screen, they weren’t actually all that shocking compared to some of the racier moments…

10. Buffy’s Mom Hooks Up With Her Watcher

It’s not all that shocking that adults have sex, even on a “teen” show, but Buffy’s mom and Giles were probably the two most unlikely characters on the show to hook up – yet that is exactly what they did, under the influence of magical “band candy” in the third season episode of the same name.
The tainted candy in question turns all the adults in Sunnydale into hormonal teenagers again, with their libidos raging. But that said, how many teenagers think to use handcuffs, as Joyce Summers and Giles apparently do?

The fact that they did it at all is shocking, but the kinky undertones add a little something to the proceedings. Buffy doesn’t actually know for sure what happened until a later episode, when she can hear her mother’s thoughts. Apparently, Joyce thinks of Giles as a Stevedore. Poor Buffy.

9. Xander Tries (And Fails) To Hook Up With A Teacher

Teacher/student relationships have been a thing for literally decades, probably because they’re so taboo. In reality, a crush on a teacher is really the first exposure many get to eventual workplace flings and romances. And while you probably shouldn’t try to hook up with your teacher, Xander certainly gave it a try in the first season of Buffy, during the episode Teacher’s Pet – with disastrous results.

Unfortunately for Xander and his hormonal urges, the teacher who reciprocates his desire happens to be a monstrous preying mantis in disguise. And though she’s more than willing to mate with him, everyone knows what happens to those unfortunate creatures after they mate.
Buffy of course saves the day – but this sets up a long string of disastrous love interests for Xander.

8. The Infamous Rape Scene Between Buffy and Spike

Not so much sexuality as an attempt at forced sex, this entry might have been ranked higher had it not been so out of character, even for a formerly murderous vampire, and divisive among the fan base.

In season six, Buffy and Spike, her one-time vampire rival, wound up together. It’s painted, at first (back in season five) as an infatuation on the part of Spike, but soon becomes something more when Buffy lets him in. No doubt thanks to the great on-screen chemistry between Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters, fans ran with the pairing in a way they simply didn’t with Riley, Buffy’s previous love interest.

While painted as an unhealthy relationship with a “bad boy” the Buffy/Spike “ship” had a lot of generally sweet moments, and a lot of rather edgy sex. However, late in the sixth season, the writers (under Marti Noxin, who was handling the show day to day in place of Joss Whedon) opted to have Spike attempt to rape Buffy.

Portraying Buffy as suddenly much weaker than usual, and having Spike utter lines about making her love him, it was just bad writing – but it was shocking. Shocking in how badly the producers had dropped the ball, in part, and shocking to see the Slayer so helpless and exposed. In the end, it was all a plot device – the scene wound up spurring Spike to seek out a soul, something all vampires (save Buffy’s first love, Angel) lack, to make amends.

7. Buffy Being Used In A One Night Stand

Rarely is the star of a teen action/drama the victim of a one and done she later regrets, but that’s exactly what happened to Buffy in the show’s fourth season, after she has gone of the college, and met the seemingly perfect Parker. Parker is really her first love interest after Angel, and Buffy and Parker soon hit it off. After a college party, she ends up in bed with Parker, who seems warm, intelligent, and genuinely a decent person.

That, however, is all an act. After scoring with Buffy, Parker soon makes it obvious that she was just another conquest,at one point stating that “you know the difference between a freshman girl and a toilet seat? A toilet seat doesn’t follow you around after you use it.”

Ouch. This was probably the harshest rejection Buffy experienced in the series (aside from, perhaps, her Father, though it was never directly examined).

6. Faith Using Buffy’s Body To Tease Spike

The arrival of rogue Slayer Faith to Sunnydale ramped the sexuality up to 11 on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The best example? Season four’s Who Are You, in which Buffy and Faith body-swap, and Faith takes her new body out on the town. Encountering Spike, she lets the following slip at The Bronze, the local club Buffy and her gang hang out at:

I could ride you at a gallop until your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I’ve got muscles you’ve never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you until you popped like warm champagne and you’d beg me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know why I don’t? Because it’s wrong.

Good old Faith.

5. The Buffybot

“Spike! You’re covered in sexy bruises!”

The Buffybot literally started out as a sexbot Spike commissioned evil geek Warren to create for him; an idea that was pretty twisted even for a show that, under the surface, was pretty twisted in general.

Going at it in a graveyard, imploring him to “devour” her, and incorporating role play elements, the Buffybot was certainly one of the most outlandish example of sexuality on Buffy, but it was still pretty fun.

4. Invisible Oral Sex

Oral sex is one of those things that, despite Bill Clinton, the television world and censors still seem uncomfortable with, regardless of the fact a that huge number of people practice it, and supposedly nothing is shocking these days. So the producers had a little fun with Gone in season six, when Buffy turned invisible – they had Buffy perform the deed on Spike, without having to show her.

This was an excellent end run around the network censors, and combined Buffy’s invisibility, increasing sexuality, and the idea that being invisible was freeing and allowed her to become a little wilder.

It’s not explicitly stated, but it’s still pretty obvious (with Spike looking down in surprise during the scene). It also likely owes a debt to the original Ghostbusters film, which saw Ray (Dan Akroyd) in a similar situation.

3. Buffy’s Foray Into BDSM

Long before 50 Shades Of Grey hit it big, Buffy and Spike were very familiar with BDSM and extremely rough sex. How rough? They literally tore a building down around them while doing it (to be fair, that started as an all-out brawl between them. Make-up sex, right?).

It’s not just rough sex, however. Throughout season six, references to rather edgy sex are made, including adding in some handcuffs – which Buffy initially turns down, only to later be seen rubbing her wrists in a clear reference to the fact that she has, in fact, been cuffed during her and Spike’s sex play.

These sorts of scenes led to the online Buffy fan community going all-out into the realm of sexual fanfics, and had many fans of the show just plain shocked. Buffy was supposedly a “good girl” after all.

2. Public Indecency

What’s a little public indecency between friends? While not fully exposed, Buffy and Spike’s romp at the Bronze balcony is notorious among Buffy’s sexual escapades, as the vampire sneaks up behind her, teases her (physically and verbally), and insinuates that her friends would be shocked if they knew what she was doing with him up their on the balcony while they danced, none the wiser, down below.

The scene takes part in the season six episode Dead Things, which is one of the most sexual episodes of the entire series. While nothing is outright said, there’s an awful lot implied. Just how far did they go?

You be the judge.

1. Buffy Climaxes While Being Bit

This was actually pretty sneaky on the part of Joss Whedon and company. When Angel was near death during Graduation Day Part 2 back in season three, Buffy insists he feed off her to survive. When the vampire fangs come out and he latches on, it doesn’t quite look like she’s in pain. In fact, it looks a lot like something… else.

In a chat with fans, series creator Joss Whedon would later say that :

Citation :
That was one of our thinner metaphors. That, ah, you know, that was really pretty close to the surface. But you know, those two people, you know, were so much in love that I thought it was a genuinely erotic scene, and not, you know, exploitative.

Series star Sarah Michelle Gellar also weighed in on the scene in Nylon Magazine back in 2000:

Citation :
When he bites her and she’s writhing on the floor, in her full orgasm she breaks the table. They missed it. The most erotic thing I’ve ever seen on TV, and the censors missed it completely.

It’s probably a good thing that they did.

10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone Spuffy19
(Credit unknown for the bann & icon)

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Everyone's Waiting
Everyone's Waiting

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10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone Empty
MessageSujet: Re: 10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone   10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone Icon_minitimeMer 18 Mar - 18:35

Tiens, ça change des listes/tops sur la série ! Je suis d'accord avec les choix effectués, notamment sur la première place qui reste pour moi l'un des moments les plus marquants de la série.
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10 Times Buffy’s Sexuality Shocked Everyone
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