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 Top 5 des références geek à Cleveland

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Miss Kitty
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~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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Top 5 des références geek à Cleveland Empty
MessageSujet: Top 5 des références geek à Cleveland   Top 5 des références geek à Cleveland Icon_minitimeMer 10 Déc - 19:19

+ The 5 Geekiest Cleveland Appearances in Pop Culture +


Citation :

References to Cleveland as a less-than-stellar place are old hat in in pop culture—quoth the great sage Yakov Smirnoff: "Now, I make fun of Cleveland because everybody makes fun of Cleveland. I mean, every country has one city that people make fun of. In Russia, we used to make fun of Cleveland.”

The one that sticks out in my mind most, though, is Joss Whedon repeatedly dissing Cleveland by mentioning it as the location of the second Hellmouth in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Not only does it poke fun at the convenient Hollywood logic behind the first Hellmouth, the one Buffy is assigned to patrol, being under the incredibly telegenic idyllic LA suburb of Sunnydale, but it also serves as a kind of understated joke. No one outright talks about what’s going on with that other Hellmouth in Cleveland, but clearly there is no vampire slayer protecting Clevelanders from their city being above a dimensional gateway to Hell, and nobody in Cleveland seems to notice.

My favorite time this was referenced? The Season 3 episode “The Wish,” where we see an alternate universe where Buffy went to Cleveland instead of Sunnydale, causing Sunnydale to become a grim dystopia ruled by vampires (implying that that’s what Cleveland is like in our world). When alternate-universe Buffy arrives in Sunnydale, this version of her is, unlike the lovable Slayer we know, a brutal, merciless killing machine incapable of friendship or trust. Cleveland will do that to you.

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Top 5 des références geek à Cleveland
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