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 14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3]

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Miss Kitty
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Miss Kitty

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14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3] Empty
MessageSujet: 14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3]   14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3] Icon_minitimeMar 14 Fév - 22:09

+ Sci-Fi & Fantasy 14 Greatest Romances +


On retrouve Willow/Tara à la 3ème place. Et dans le Whedonverse, on a aussi Zoe & Wash (Firefly) à la 9ème place.

Citation :
3 Tara & Willow

From: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3] Romance-140212-tara-willow

Tara: “I am, you know.”

Willow: “What?”

Tara: “Yours.”

The sweet, natural way Willow and Tara’s relationship developed across the course of Buffy’s fourth season was a big part of its charm. Slow-building and soft, it just happened; Willow found a fellow witch, a friend and a girlfriend almost without noticing. Sure, they had a few hiccups (Willow’s werewolf ex-boyfriend almost eating Tara was a bit of a downer), but eventually they settled into what was probably the most functional relationship the show ever managed – Willow’s unfortunate magical dabblings and one God-induced brain-wipe aside. And Tara’s love song to Willow in “Once More, With Feeling” is simultaneously both sweet and very sexy: “Lost in ecstasy, spread beneath my Willow tree,” indeed. (It helped that Amber Benson has a hell of a set of pipes.)

Sadly, as you all know, Willow and Tara weren’t destined to live happily ever after, with poor Tara dying in Willow’s arms after an unlucky shooting incident. Thanks to this we were gifted with Evil Willow (yay!) but Tara’s presence was missed long after Amber Benson left the series, and not merely by Willow.

14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3] Spuffy19
(Credit unknown for the bann & icon)

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14 Greatest Romances [Willow/Tara #3]
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