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 Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes

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Miss Kitty
~ Out of this World ~
~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes Empty
MessageSujet: Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes   Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes Icon_minitimeSam 28 Jan - 10:45

+ Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes +

Ils ont donné une mention spéciale à Nathan :


Citation :
Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes 26

This list is, for the most part, skewed towards cinema actors whose appearances on TV are taken into account to support them, yet it would be unforgivably remiss not to at least shine a light on the work of Nathan Fillion – a man dear in the hearts of geeks everywhere.

While he has a few cracking films to his name (Saving Private Ryan and the majestic Serenity in particular), it was mainly his TV work that ingratiated Fillion so resolutely with his worldwide fanbase. His magnetic presence in Castle, Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly marked him out as a formidable screen personality, and one who – with a few more features under his belt – would certainly place highly on this list.

As it is, he gets his own category, and wins hands down, albeit by default: ‘Most-loved geek TV actor in the world today.’ We hope this will suffice, and on the infinitesimal chance that he reads this, we’d just like to say: Nathan-we-love-you-and-we-think-you’re-awesome-please-will-you-be-our-friend.

Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes Spuffy19
(Credit unknown for the bann & icon)

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Top 25 des acteurs de films cultes
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