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 Les meilleures répliques insultantes

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Miss Kitty
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~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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Les meilleures répliques insultantes Empty
MessageSujet: Les meilleures répliques insultantes   Les meilleures répliques insultantes Icon_minitimeVen 15 Avr - 15:16

On retrouve Buffy & Spike dans le classement, avec notamment le classique "Out for a walk... Bitch !" lol!


Citation :

There are almost too many putdowns to mention (darn you and your infernal witticisms, Joss!), but you could always rely on perennial bad boy Spike to lower the tone and raise some laughs. A favourite is probably this exchange from “The Harsh Light of Day”, when Harmony throws a tantrum at Spike’s mission to find the Gem of Amarra:

“You love that tunnel more than me.” – Harmony

“I love syphilis more than you.” – Spike

But seeing as that video’s nigh-on impossible to find online, I’ll have to settle for the classically immature riposte (at 1:00):

“What are you doing here… in 5 words or less?” – Buffy

“Out for a walk…. bitch.” – Spike