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 Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes

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Miss Kitty
~ Out of this World ~
~ Out of this World ~

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MessageSujet: Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes   Mer 12 Jan - 13:19

Syfy. com a réalisé un top 10 des meilleurs épisodes de Joss :


Citation :
A total of 294 episodes of Whedon shows have aired on television starting with the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Welcome To The Mouth - to the last episode of Dollhouse, Epitaph Two: Return; Season and series finales, premieres, more comedic episodes such as Spin The Bottle from Angel Season 4 or origin episodes like Out of Gas in Firefly. Choosing 10 of the “top” episodes from the four series is a hard task as there are a lot more than 10 episodes that are great but this list has (hopefully) covered the best of the best. In no particular order, here we go.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Body (Season 5)

This is the episode that will, to this day, make most fans get a bit emotional. After 5 seasons of Buffy fighting vampires, demons and other supernatural entities, in this episode we saw (with the death of Buffy’s mother) that it is the natural evils that are the worst. The bright lights and no music shows the reality of the situation while the one lone vampire of the episode tells us that Buffy’s fight never ends, regardless of the situation.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Who Are You (Season 4)

The Freaky Friday episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that many TV shows (Futurama, Charmed, Red Dwarf) had done before, however when there are slayers (Buffy as Faith, Faith as Buffy) involved it is a different type of freaky. Fighting, flirting and embarrassment by Giles, this episode had it all. It also gave the actresses a chance to change their normal Buffy acting. Sarah Michelle Gellar got to dress trashier and act carelessly while in Buffy’s body (as Faith), while Eliza Dushku had to convince everyone that she was in fact Buffy. Overall, a change in season 4 with little involvement from the Initiative while Faith went on a long journey out of Sunnydale to L.A. to visit our friendly Vampire with a soul.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More With Feeling (Season 6)

The Whedon Musical Event of the Series! The words “musical episode” don’t seem to fit with a dark series such as Buffy but it completely worked in this episode. It wasn’t a standalone episode that happened to have musical moments in it, it progressed the plot. From Spike belting out his feelings for Buffy through his song in the graveyard (“Rest In Peace”) to Tara and Giles singing their torn feelings about their own situations (Tara with Willow, Giles with Buffy). From the classic Hollywood style opening credits to the curtains closing on a kiss this is all around a great episode and one of the best in any of the Whedon shows.

Angel - Hero (Season 1)

This was the episode that I first began to enjoy Angel for what it was rather than being “just a Buffy spin off”. Doyle (the half demon/half human who was Angel’s guide from the “Powers That Be”) moved out of his role as sidekick by making the ultimate sacrifice on a suicide mission to become the hero. Also, while this episode seemed like the standard “Monster-Of-The-Week” at the beginning it turned into a great dramatic moment for the new series (while slightly soppy). Having Angel Investigations losing one of their own allowed us to see the dark edge it had over Buffy and that both sides would have losses in Angel’s war.

Angel - Not Fade Away (Season 5)

This series finale was packed full of moments that made it one the greatest episodes in any of the Whedon shows. It had tender moments as each of the beloved members of the Angel team says goodbye to their lives as they prepare to go fight to the death in one last battle to the soul crushing moment at that loss of Wesley. As the surviving members came together in the final scene to battle hordes of demons and (for Angel at least) a Dragon. Many fans beamed with joy, while their hearts broke a little at the realisation of no more Angel.

Angel - The Magic Bullet (season 4)

An often overlooked gem of an episode. With Fred discovering the truth of Jasmine’s (Gina Torres who previously played the part of Zoe on Firefly) appearance following contact with blood in the previous episode, this episode follows Fred in attempting to show up Jasmine for who she is. Everyone who has come to see the “beauty” of Jasmine comes under her thrall and is soon hunting Fred down including the rest of Angel Investigations. Amy Acker (in my opinion one of the better Whedonverse actors) gets to stretch her acting muscles again in this “Fred-centric” episode by slowly acting Fred’s growing strength and confidence which in turn allows the rest of the team (minus Connor) to see Jasmine for what she really is.


Crédit à Sintonia pour l'icon !

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Cangel fan
Cangel fan

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MessageSujet: Re: Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes   Mer 12 Jan - 13:59

Je le trouve assez bon ce classement ^^,The Body ,Once More With Feeling ,Not Fade Away méritent amplement leur place !


Merci Miss Kitty
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Buffy's dark place
Buffy's dark place

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MessageSujet: Re: Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes   Mer 12 Jan - 15:16

Je suis d'accord aussi, Who are you aussi est un excellent épisode !
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MessageSujet: Re: Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes   

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Top 10 Joss Whedon Episodes
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