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 The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars

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Miss Kitty
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~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars Empty
MessageSujet: The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars   The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars Icon_minitimeVen 24 Déc - 13:30

+ The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars +

On retrouve Eliza et Summer Glau ^^


Citation :
10) Eliza Dushku :

After starring on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dollhouse, Dushku has proven her sci-fi/fantasy mettle - so it was only a matter of time before The Big Bang Theory came knocking. Unfortunately, Dushku's role was somewhat subdued, as she played an FBI agent investigating Wolowitz for special security clearance. The actress mostly served as a sounding board for the show's main stars, as Leonard unsuccessfully tried to ask her out and Sheldon accosted her in her office. Too bad; Dushku can really kick some butt when the role calls for it.

Citation :
9) Summer Glau :

Glau, best known from beloved sci-fi series Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, showed up on The Big Bang Theory in a Season 2 episode, sharing a train car with the show's geeky foursome - and Wolowitz sees it as an opportunity to score with one of the hottest girls in the geek universe. But after carefully cultivating his opening line - "It's hot in here; it must be Summer" - Raj steals it and soon begins chatting up Glau himself. Wolowitz eventually gets his chance, but being Wolowitz, he blows it almost immediately.
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The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars
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