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Pour tous les fans du couple Buffy/Spike (mais aussi Cordy/Angel), ainsi que tous les fans de BTVS et ATS, ce forum est fait pour vous.
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 Top TV Show of the decade

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Miss Kitty
~ Out of this World ~
~ Out of this World ~
Miss Kitty

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Date d'inscription : 07/01/2009

Top TV Show of the decade Empty
MessageSujet: Top TV Show of the decade   Top TV Show of the decade Icon_minitimeVen 11 Déc - 14:10

Une presse canadienne a nommé Buffy parmis les meilleurs séries TV de la dernière décennie ♥️

Retrouvez la liste ICI

Citation :
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997-2003) - Before the rabidly popular "Twilight" book and film series took a stab at dissecting teen angst with romantic fantasy, this nuanced dramedy sunk its teeth into adolescent pain with a disarming realism that belied its lighthearted, supernatural premise. Sure, bloodthirsty vampires and demonic curses abounded, but human threats were the ones that ultimately proved the most devastating for blond heroine Buffy and her friends - failed love, a sick parent, male violence. By the time the bubbly ex-cheerleader made it to the 2000s, the wacky goofiness of earlier seasons started to give way to a darker, more serious tone that divided fans but didn't stop bold experiments from creator Joss Whedon. From the stark soundscape of "The Body" to the exuberant musical numbers of "Once More, With Feeling," "Buffy" was one of the few shows to willingly play with form while establishing a female heroine who was sexy, smart, funny and strong. Young "Twilight" fans would be well-served with a look back at this genre-bending show.

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Everyone's Waiting
Everyone's Waiting

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Age : 25
Localisation : Paris
Date d'inscription : 19/12/2009

Top TV Show of the decade Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Top TV Show of the decade   Top TV Show of the decade Icon_minitimeDim 20 Déc - 12:46

Yeah!!!!!! C'est géant ça Top TV Show of the decade 474691
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Top TV Show of the decade
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